Margan Winemaking

All the wines of Margan are single vineyard wines produced from grapes grown on the Margan vineyards in the Broke Fordwich sub-region of the Hunter Valley. All of the wines of Margan are hand made by Andrew Margan in our 500 tonne winery in Broke.

Within our 100 hectares of vineyard we have a mixture of old vines planted in the late 1960’s to more traditional Hunter Valley varieties and some newer vineyards that we have planted ourselves to alternative varieties and field blends. The strongest element in defining the style of my wine is the climate of the Hunter Valley and the influence it has on the ripening of our grapes and the subsequent flavours, acidity and structure of the resultant wines. The second most significant element is the soil our vines are grown on. The ancient red volcanic soil of the Fordwich Sill creates a unique style of wine that defines the wines of Margan.

From within our 100 hectares we have many different blocks of each variety which are picked separately and blended before bottling. In any given vintage some blocks may out perform others and stand out in the winery. It is from these small parcels we may select our White Label wines. Any wine that wears the White Label has been selected , apart from anything else, to age well.

Margan Wine Ranges

From our 100 hectares of vineyards we produce the following ranges of single vineyard wines:

Field Blends

Long before the world named wines after their grape variety, wines were named according to their origin. Inter-planting of complementary varieties or Field Blends as they are commonly known, is a traditional practice where grapes are picked and vinified together in a single batch allowing the wine to speak strongly of it’s heritage. The strength of our soil in determining the Margan style has been of huge importance to us. It is why we don’t buy other fruit for the Margan brand. Everything under the Margan brand comes from the red volcanic soil of Broke Fordwich and these 2 wines are a tribute to that soil.

Block 8 – this is a white wine consisting of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Grigio. This is the mix of vines that were planted on Block 8 back in the late 60’s by the original owner. The wine reflects the terroir of the Fordwich Sill upon which it is grown i.e. it is soft and fruity with crisp acidity.

Block 11 – the red consists of a blend of Shiraz, Tempranillo and Mataro. This is the mix of vines that were planted on Block 11 back in the late 60’s by the original owner. The wine reflects the terroir of the Fordwich Sill upon which it is grown i.e. it is soft and fruity.


Comprising the six varieties we originally started the Margan brand with being Semillon, Verdelho, Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon with the added Rose from our Shiraz and Botrytis from our Semillon.

Breaking Ground

The wines of our Breaking Ground range comprise single vineyard examples of alternative varieties and field blends that we have pioneered here in the Hunter Valley. Our ancient red volcanic soil of the Fordwich Sill produces wines rich in varietal character as expressed by the distinct climate of the Hunter Valley. These wines are true expressions of their terroir. Some of the wines in the range are Tempranillo Graciano Shiraz, Shiraz Mourvedre, Barbera, Ripasso and Albarino.

White Label

Small volume, single batch wines from small blocks within our 100 hectares of vineyard that make their own statement in terms of either viticulture or winemaking. These are limited volume wines that can only be found in the best restaurants and outlets. Selected only when optimum vintage conditions have created the ideal opportunity to make a wine worthy of wearing the White Label. This limited range consists of the traditional strong varieties of the Hunter Valley, being Semillon, Verdelho, Chardonnay and Shiraz. These wines are perfect for ageing.

Aged Release

This range showcases the ageing potential of iconic Hunter Valley Semillon and Shiraz which are meticulously cellared for five years and then re-released. These varieties, when grown in the Hunter are renowned for their unique style, elegance, capacity to age and are true celebrations of terroir.