The unique style of Hunter Valley Shiraz has worldwide recognition for its soft savoury medium bodied characters. We have close to 30 hectares of old vine shiraz which produces at around one tonne to the acre. We generally pick it all together and drain off 20 % to make our rose which then concentrates the balance of our Shiraz. Our Margan Shiraz is matured in 4-5 year old oak barriques that soften the wine without adding oak flavour and tannin. This allows the wine to concentrate on its unique Hunter Valley flavour and tannin structure. Typically medium bodied with savoury spice and long soft tannins. The Aged Release is only produced in the very best vintages and is a concentrated version with lots of tannin to help the ageing process and new French oak maturation whilst our White Label Shiraz uses stems and new French oak for added texture and tannin.

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Wine Wise
25 April 2019 | Wine Wise

2017 White Label Shiraz & 2017 Breaking Ground Ripasso highly awarded by Wine Wise

A cracking vintage for the Hunter Valley and once again Margan are leading the game.  Continue »