Tempranillo Graciano Shiraz

The planting of Tempranillo and Graciano in the same block is common practise in Rioja in Spain which is the home of these varieties. We were the first to inter-plant these varieties with Shiraz here in the Hunter Valley in 2010. The grapes are picked together and made as one to capture the fruit of the Tempranillo, acid of the Graciano and tannins of the Shiraz whilst expressing the savoury medium bodied nature of the climate and soil this single vineyard provides.

David Ellis
4 September 2017 | David Ellis

Lip smacker of a wine

HUnter Valley Wine Tempranillo Graciano Shiraz

And it’s a lip-smacker because, as Chief Winemaker Andrew Margan points out, the Tempranillo provides it with rich fruit flavour, the Graciano with necessary acid, and the Shiraz its tannin. “And as the vineyard is planted on the red volcanic soil of the Fordwich Sill, this gives the wine a Hunter earthiness along with savoury fruit and rustic tannins, and which all actually make it quite typical of a Spanish wine.”  Continue »

Regan Drew
28 August 2017 | Regan Drew

Breaking Ground Tempranillo Graciano Shiraz

Hunter Valley Wine

Earthy, fruity, come-hither aromas with thick rose petals, smoky blue fruits, dusty gravel and just-sweet chocolate. Full palate, with juicy blood orange acidity under pinning sumptuous red and blue fruits. While the alcohol is creeping up there, it stays balanced. A finish of dusty tannin wraps up a very neat drinking wine.  Continue »