Margan have invested considerable time into achieving sustainability certification under several programs. To achieve this we invested in a part time environmental officer to develop and drive our Environmental Management Plan (EMP). Our EMP is detailed and ongoing and fully compliant with International Standards (ISO) 14000.  To date, we have the most thorough formal accreditation of all viticultural, wine and tourism businesses in the Hunter, with our ESI’s positioning us as regional leaders. We are benchmarked with Australia’s leading wine companies and are equal to some of the strongest international EMP’s in our industry. It is a work in progress and we are working towards carbon neutrality.

As farmers managing 100 hectares of vineyard and gardens we need to ensure that our land is kept in great condition so that it looks after us for years to come. This ethos provides guidance for all decision making within the business and covers areas such as operations, product selection, preferred suppliers and best practice procedures.

Margan is fully accredited for it’s environmental sustainable initiatives through Entwine, benchmarked to International Standards ISO14000 for best practice. To ensure that Margan can monitor and manage its environmental impact efficiently and improve its environmental stewardship a tailor made EMP (environmental management plan) is followed which is accredited under the Freshcare and Entwine (Winemakers Federation of Australia) programs. This allows for measurement, reporting and off setting of their carbon footprint (Green House Gas Emissions). Certification is compliant with the ISO14000 series which is a standard internationally recognised for the development of an effective EMP.

Our land is managed in a balance of vineyard, winery, cellar door and restaurant operations with care for our open space and native vegetation -to produce exceptional wines and provide our guests with memorable experiences

Our commitment to protecting the environmental values of our property for future generations ensures we integrate environmental responsibility and accountability into all aspects of our operations.

Our team are provided with training, support and encouragement to continuously improve environmental performance in their areas of responsibility, such as initiatives to prevent pollution, save energy, minimise waste and conserve our natural resources.

We actively communicate our environmental commitment to our suppliers, contractors, customers, the community and other interested parties.

We continuously monitor and improve our environmental performance by maintaining an environmental management system with objectives and targets that exceed regulatory obligations.

Our environmental management plan is reviewed, evaluated and improved through audits to industry environmental codes of best practice plus certification to recognised wine industry standards, being the Winemakers Federation of Australia’s EMP, Entwine. This is benchmarked to International Standard ISO 140001.

What this looks like:

  • The Margan restaurant, cellar door, barrel room and administration constructed from energy efficient rammed earth, sourcing limestone gravel from Broke.
  • Energy audit of all operations and advised energy saving initiative.
  • Solar panels to minimize energy usage. On a sunny day we don’t draw any power from the grid.
  • Margan products are Estate Grown – Estate Made as much as possible. One hundred hectares of Vineyards, our extensive Restaurant Kitchen Garden (supplying close to 90% of the restaurants’ fruit and vegetables), free range eggs, honey, olives and a flock of Suffolk sheep.
  • Heavy, imported glass wine bottles were replaced with light weight glass & our cartons which were made from imported high gloss cardboard were replaced with Australian made recycled cardboard.
  • All roof water recycled through a waste water re-cycling system and used for gardens.
  • Waste reduction policy across the business including recycling paper, glass and cardboard packaging, and shredding waste paper for compost.
  • A range of administrative initiatives to reduce energy and paper use etc.
  • Processing restaurant green waste via compost systems and worm farms.
  • Planting native trees on the river banks of our property to better manage erosion and offset carbon emissions.
  • The winery roof is fully insulated, ensuring better energy efficient.
  • Across the board our business has a policy to reduce waste at every opportunity which results in a lower overall COGs and therefore higher profit.
  • Mulching the vineyard to reduce herbicides use.
  • Whilst not certified organic (gardens within vineyard regions can’t be certified due to spray drifts- unless the whole property is a certified vineyard) the garden is hand worked and managed with a minimum of sprays and other chemical treatments.
  • The vineyard as well sees minimum use of synthetic sprays for weed, pest and disease maintenance.

Entwine Australia Member Freshcare Member Savour Green Table Australia Member


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