Autumn is a beautiful season in the Hunter and our one-hectare kitchen garden truly embraces the crisp mornings and cooler evenings these months bring.

The orchard is abundant with citrus. Ruby grapefruit, blood oranges, lemons and finger lime will weave itself into our menu and seasonal cocktails. Margan vermouth cocktails garnished with blood oranges are a go-to around here. Quinces, pomegranates and persimmons are all in season and we use them in savoury and sweet dishes. The imperfect and ‘wobbly ones’ will be re-purposed into pastes, sauces and sorbets.

Autumn is also time for olives and what a bumper season it is!

Our olive groves are all being picked right now, and we will have around 500kilos to brine and pickle. Gino our Margan gardener is originally from Sicily so we follow his traditional family recipe. These will be ready to serve in the restaurant in a couple of months.

Beyond the orchard, cooler weather welcomes the harvesting of a range of vegetables that need cooler days away from the sting of a hot summer. Kohlrabi, beetroot, fennel, radish, spinach, parsnips and a range of beans add depth and earthiness to restaurant dishes and lend themselves to wonderful wine pairings such as Shiraz Mourvèdre and Barbera to name a few favourites.

Connect with the provenance of your food and celebrate hyper-local and seasonal cuisine in our restaurant. Our five-course tasting menu features the best of our estate grown produce.

You can book in your restaurant visit with us here. 

If you can’t get to us in Broke, celebrate seasonal cooking at home.

Parsnips can be roasted with honey and thyme until golden and crispy or they can be cooked with cream to make a puree served alongside fresh, tart berries.

Quinces are wonderful when simmered all day in maple syrup, water, sliced ginger and cinnamon but you can also try cooking them slowly in a mixture of red wine and port, then finishing them by roasting them alongside red onions in a hot oven to serve with duck or quail.

Williams pears are almost perfect right now, so lightly poach then in white wine (Margan Semillon, of course!) with a cup of sugar, a vanilla bean and a stick or cinnamon. Shave them fresh into a salad with fennel, radish and parsley.

If you need some fantastic red wines to pair with your at home cooking we’ve curated the perfect selection for you here.