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25 April 2019 | Awards, Wine Reviews - Ripasso, Wine Reviews - Shiraz | Wine Wise

2017 White Label Shiraz & 2017 Breaking Ground Ripasso highly awarded by Wine Wise

2017 Hunter Valley Shiraz

Hunter Valley shiraz is at its best when the ripening period is hot and dry. In 2017, the Hunter vignerons were blessed with just those conditions, and the wines are, for the most part, generously flavoured. High temperatures demand precise picking decisions because of fast ripening and drop-offs in acidity. Those who harvested at precisely the right time were in the box seat to make some outstanding wines.

2017 Margan White Label Hunter Valley Shiraz

A youthful berry-scented, slightly spicy shiraz that is full of life. The acid and tannins merge beautifully with the persistent regional flavour. ($40.00) ★★★★☆

2017 Margan Hunter Valley Ripasso

Fresh rose petal/cherry aromas feature on an attractive nose. The palate is one of considerable weight and structure, but, at the same time is full of life, if a tad closed. Cellar. (To be release in 2025) ★★★★



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