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Margan Breaking Ground Shiraz Mourvedre

October 3, 2016 · by vinonotebook ·


The varieties are inter-planted, this has been a field blend since 1997. The Mourvedre lifts the Shiraz to a much riper spectrum than usually seen in the Hunter.

Close your eyes and smell. Are you in the Hunter or McLaren Vale? Only a touch of the tell tale Hunter leather gives you a clue. the fruit smells so juicy you want to squeeze it and let it burst all over your hands just to lick it off. Some herbaceous greenery from the Mouvedre: black pepper from the Shriaz all with whipped cream oak. Black pepper beef city: Meatyness and spice handled in a 12 gauge, full bore style that doesn’t trip over its own feet. Just when you think this is going to slop deep red fruit all over itself, the reins are pulled tight and plentiful tannins pervade to keep peace and order. A unique (for the Hunter) and immensely enjoyable wine.

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