John Lewis
29 July 2017 | Wine Reviews, Wine Reviews - Albarino | John Lewis

Zingy Hunter Albarino

Hunter Valley Wine AlbarinoThis is the second vintage from the Hunter Valley's first planting of the classin Spanish Albarino variety made in 2014 by Andrew Margan. The wine shines green-tinted straw and has kiwifruit scents. Zingy ruby grapefruit flavour features on the front palate and elemebts of star anise, pear, spice and gunmetal chime in on the middle palate. Minderal-edged acid refreshes at the finish. Albarino had a flase start in Australia when cuttings imported by the CSIRO in 1989 turned out to be the savagnin variety. Andrew Margan ensured his albarino vines were the real thing from certified cuttings from Spain and subjected to five years' Australian quarantine.



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