Newcastle Herald

Here comes summer in the Hunter. What a time to be alive.

Warm sun shining down through blue skies dappled with fluffy white clouds; some threatening to rain, as the humidity soars. Others, just passing by.

Days get longer, and hotter, but the warm nights are where it’s at. At the beach, toes in the sand, or hanging out on the grass, picnic style. No matter, where ever. Just be sure you’ve got a panoramic view of the big sky as it shifts from blazing blue to orange, to pink, to purple, then, a slow fade to black.

An enormous backlit canopy with holes punched in it; stars shining, moon hiding, a universe beaming brightly over what we know as God’s Country.

Now, what to drink on these hot afternoons and warm summer nights? Semillon, obviously. Everybody knows that. Australia’s unique gift to the wine world grown right here in the Hunter Valley.

Margan Ceres Hill Semillon (2018, $35) is made off of 30-year-old vines, grown in old and ancient volcanic dirt. Enticing, highly aromatic ripe yellow citrus and white Springtime florals; some lemon curd in there, with a nice note of tropical fruit sweetness. Bright, limey acids slake to satisfy.