We want to take a minute to put the spotlight on sustainability and the beautiful environment around us in Broke Fordwich.
Our sustainability practices is what sets Margan apart, with our Environmental Management Plan (EMP) benchmarked to ISO14000, international best practice standard.
Here’s some of the following ways we try and be sustainable in our business;
  • Converting pruned vines into Biochar.
  • Utilising leftover Chardonnay Lees in our Focaccia.
  • Recycling food waste in our worm farm and closed loop eco-waste composter.
  • Planting trees to regenerate the land around us with native plants, helping to offset our carbon footprint locally.
  • Recycling our wine bottles on site and repurposing them as bottles for water or on the grounds of our property.

To check out more of what we do for sustainability check out our sustainability page!


Happy World Environment Day!
Biochar ProductionRecycled Bottles
New Trees Planted