We can’t tell you how much we’re feeling your pain, we’ve only joined this lockdown 5 days ago, and wow-ee, our wine consumption has gone through the roof!

But what it’s done, is give us time to reflect on the good things that came out of last year’s lock down and the things that we know members enjoyed most, and given us time to pull some exciting things together.

So together, let’s fill in some of these late winter evenings, over the coming few weeks with a bit of engaging wine talk (and taste of course!).

Let’s call it pre-dinner drinks where the dress code is lockdown loungewear, and where spitting is not required.

Join Andrew, Nicole and Ollie tomorrow night (and yes if you’ve forgotten what day it is, that will be Thursday) from 6:00pm. Down tools and home schooling and jump online with us as they talk you through some member favorites.

Taste + Talk #1

Thursday 12th August – Member Favorites

You’ve just received your Wine Club Pack so let our team take you through your favorite wines.

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Taste + Talk #2

Thursday 19 August – Let’s convert you to Organics

Join Lisa, Alessa and Lucy as they talk alternative varietals, our process of converting to organic and sustainable faming and winemaking practices.

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Taste + Talk #3

Thursday 26 August – The Iconics

Get totally immersed in the iconic wines we produce with this super line up and our iconinc panelists Andrew, Nicole and Nic.

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Taste + Talk #4

Thursday 2 September – Spring into Spring

Wow, finally spring is here and its time to talk Spring drinking with some fabulous fresh and vibrant wines to get us in the spring mood. Let Andrew, Ollie and Nicole talk you through them.

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