2014 Ripasso Six Pack

2014 Ripasso Six Pack
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2014 Ripasso

Ripasso is the Italian term used in reference to the re-passing of a wine from one ferment over the skins of another. In our case we have passed some of our 2014 vintage shiraz from our 40-year-old Timbervines vineyard over the skins of a number of different varieties from the 2015 and 2016 vintages. The mystery for the drinker is to figure out what skins we have used for the re-fermentation.

Growing Season

The 2014 vintage was a once in a lifetime vintage. Perfect ripening conditions provided grapes in perfect balance that have allowed me to make a ripe red wine with lots of acid and a fine structure unlike any other area in Australia can produce.


The fruit that makes up the Shiraz base wine from 2014 was handpicked off 40yr old vines grown on the rich red volcanic soils of the Fordwich Sill. We choose a block that has the ability to build more complexity in to the fruit. The skins that we pass this wine over are chosen based on the vineyards that are performing best that particular year, as well as what additional nuances of tannin and flavour will complement the base wine to build complexity.


Only in very good vintages like 2014 do I keep a small volume of top-quality shiraz in reserve in oak to re-ferment it over another later excellent vintage. It must be a vintage where we get perfectly ripe fruit to ensure the finished wine has taken up only ripe tannins and fruit characters. The base wine from 2014 had plush fruit and elegant aromatics with medium tannins and it was re-fermented over both 2015 and 2016 vintages. This has given the wine lots of dense tannins and deep complex fruit characters. It has spent nearly three years in small new and two-year old French oak barriques. This wine is fun to make and is different every year we make it!

Tasting Notes

Medium - Full bodied displaying a subtle combination of spice, plush black forest fruit and tobacco like coupled with nuances of violet and blue fruits and firm velvety tannins.

Wine Composition

pH                                                           3.63

Titratable Acidity                                   6.9g/L

Alcohol                                                   14.0%

Residual Sugar                                       <1g/L