Margan Team lead by Alessa Margan celebrate the planting of 460 native trees along the riverbank

Alessa Margan pioneered a regeneration project, with the help of our hospitality team, to reduce our carbon footprint. 460 native plants were planted by our passionate vineyard and cellar door team. Part of the regeneration plan is to restore and strengthen local wildlife and native animals, but also to attract insects and bees to support the natural ecosystem on our property.

The trees were planted as a part of our environmental management plan to encourage fauna to the property. 40 different species were planted, all native plants sourced locally from the area. A mixture of shrubs and trees were planted to support our natural habitat, chosen for their capacity to grow well in our local climate.

Our team planted the trees along the riverbank to prevent erosion and to strengthen the surrounding land.  Each tree was planted, then supported with a tree guard and surrounded by recycled newspaper (supplied by the Newcastle Herald), to prevent weeds and topped with mulch.

Part of our philosophy at Margan is to support the land for future generations and to be able to integrate the land resources with our people and the environment, in line with permaculture ethos. This allows our natural ecosystem to demonstrate their own evolution and to complement our vineyards. This is one of our many continued improvements towards our sustainable farming objective to be able to reduce our carbon footprint.

You can see more pictures of the team in action here and read more about our commitment to sustainability here.