Taste & Talk

Ok, so we’re in this for a while yet, so let’s get some cool Thursday night drinks in our calendars for the next four weeks. It’s fun, interactive, passes the time, give you something to look forward to and involves WINE.

All you have to do is check out our four Taste & Talk themes, choose which one or ones take your fancy, jump onto margan.com.au and order the corresponding wine pack that includes all the wines we’ll taste together.

We’ll ship it to your door and we will send you some recipes that you may or may not wish to tackle. We’ll send you zoom codes that you can pop in your calendar and we’ll see you each Thursday evening from 6-7pm online.

So jump on now and order your tasting packs, and if you order the ‘Total Taste & Talk’ pack we will even send you a complimentary cocktail kit, worth $100, so you can stir down your favourite Vermouth Cocktails at home

Thursday 16 September – The Spring Garden

We still can’t have you visit us here at Margan, so join Lisa and Joey as we take you on a (virtual) journey through our Spring Garden. We will start the ZOOM with a Vermouth cocktail demonstration from Ollie so you can sip away. Once you register, we will send you’re the cocktail ingredients you’ll need plus a bonus recipe from Joey that you can create at home to snack on during the ZOOM.

Tonight’s tipple: Vermouth Cocktails

Register for Taste & Talk: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIscuGtqzMvGdKjqv–6WhafE6Ku1rgl05D

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Thursday 30 September – Viva Italia

We can’t travel to Italy right now, so let’s bring a little bit of Italy to you. We’ve been known as pioneers of alternate varieties so it’s a great chance to re-discover our Barbera and our Ripasso. Barbera has great ageing potential so we will look at the current 2019 Barbera next to our 2015 Barbera. Ripasso is the Italian term used in reference to the re-passing of a wine from one ferment over the skins of another. Will you be able to unravel the mystery of what skins have been used? Join Lisa and Ollie on this trip though Italy.

Tonight’s Tipple: 2019 Ceres Hill Barbera, 2015 Ceres Hill Barbera and 2016 Ripasso

Register for Taste & Talk: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcpcumhpj8jG93aSviCTdDCh0PqtSC865kO

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Tuesday 5th October– Our New Kid on the Block

Alessa, Andrew and Ollie handpicking our Ceres Hill Semillon. Photographed by Chris Elfes.

Alessa, Andrew and Ollie handpicking our Ceres Hill Semillon. Photographed by Chris Elfes.

Our eldest son (and daughter) have both recently moved back to the Hunter and joined the family business.  It’s generation vs generation as second gen Ollie with his new brand Breaking Ground takes on first gen winemaker Andrew with our White Label wines. You’ll discover the difference in winemaking behind each of these wines. It will all come down to the deciding vote in the end, which wine style will you prefer?

Tonight’s tipple:

2021 Breaking Ground Albarino vs.  2021 Ceres Hill Albarino

2021 Breaking Ground Semillon vs.  2021 Fordwich Hill Semillon

2021 Breaking Ground Shiraz vs. 2018 Fordwich Hill Shiraz

Register for Taste & Talk: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMucO-tpjorE90Ag1krb8D5_QTq_veoPD7R

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Thursday 7th October – Semillon Vertical

Andrew Margan & winemaking team sample wines out of barrel

Join Hunter Valley Rising Star of the Year Nicole Brasier as we delve into the iconic Hunter variety, Semillon. Known for its exceptionally ability to age discover a bracket of Semillon across three different vintages. Which will be your favourite?

Tonight’s Tipple: 2021 Fordwich Hill Semillon, 2019 Fordwich Hill Semillon and 2016 Fordwich Hill Semillon

Register for Taste & Talk: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEsfuqrqjkoEtTku94WS19wJ9DDRLaF6rBc

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