I’ve never seen a wine like this: pink diamonds are shimmering in my glass, throwing off blue and purple sparkles in the springtime sun. It’s a head-turning show stopper.

This is why I love drinking rose: a wine style without a rule book; a walk on the wild side.

We know shiraz is shiraz and chardonnay is chardonnay but we often don’t know what grape lies in our rose – it could be shiraz or cabernet or pinot noir or grenache, or countless other varieties. It’s a winemaker’s chance to play the field.

In recent years, rose has become something of a wine fashion statement where appearances do matter. The colour wheel spins from the salmon hues of Provence to the faint blush of light lunch-friendly wines, to brighter cherry reds and their deeper flavours.

And styles vary as well: from crisp and dry to textural and savoury, to creamy and fruity.

And boys, don’t be afraid to drink pink. The rose revolution is fully inclusive.

Rose & Bramble Rosé 2021

This is crisp, subtle and serious. A superb blend of shiraz, merlot, barbera and (believe it or not) pinot gris delivers a lunchtime thirst quencher. A delicate waft of rose petals and berries introduces a melange of mulberry, strawberry and pink grapefruit flavours, with a zesty acidity driving to a long finish. Light and dry, this ethereal experience may be lifted further with snapper ceviche.

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